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How it works

Real-time car loans at competitive, fixed interest rates.

1. Your personal repayment

Personal repayment options are provided for you based on your credit score. Don't worry, no enquiry is recorded on your credit file.

2. The vehicle

We take the details about your car including any accessories.

3. Your finance terms

We ask you how often repayments will be made and the term of your loan.

4. Your details

We ask for your details and anyone else's on the loan.

5. Your financials

Provide us with your income and expenses.

6. Decision time

Sit back and your application will be evaluated in real-time.

We will get back to you in a couple of minutes, if 'yes' you can sign the paperwork in dealership as soon as you're ready. The loan contract will be emailed to you and key terms sent as an SMS.